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We’re doing it better than before

June 19, 2008

Hi folks,

Just a note to let you know that we are totally rebuilding the Transforming Communication online course.

When we created Transforming communication on line we didn’t know what we know now. So we figure that if we don’t improve on it well, we’re not walking our talk and being in integrity with our values.

We looked at it and decided that we can do it better than before. This is due to our model of the world being opened up. Now that may not mean a lot to you so let me explain.

One of the things that NLP pre-supposes or assumes is that your map of the world is valid . That is to say, the way that you view and or experience the world is OK and that the  intentions of your behaviours  (or actions) are good. Now these pre-suppositions aren’t neccesarily true. THEY ARE JUST useful. They are useful as a way to view the world as they are more supportive of you and they also assume that you can alter your behaviours ( actions ) TO ONES THAT SERVE YOU BETTER.  ( behaviours or actions that work for you )

One of the other pre-suppositions is that a “map” with more choices is more powerful because it gives you more options . So, what we mean when we say ” we are opening up our clients model of the world, or our own is that we are creating more choices for them ( and we do the same for us, because we are human  too  )

What happens when you open up your model of the world is that your perspective, or view of life is expanded. You are more aware of what is going on. You have the ability to   see what you have done before and get a different view or perspective on it. You may feel differently about it and hear different things that you can use to make life more fulfilling. ( or your courses and trainings )

Another really important pre-supposition of NLP is that there is no failure in life. There is only feedback. Some times that feedback comes from outside of yourself and sometimes it comes from inside of your self. As long as you treat it as a positive experience and an opportunity to grow and learn then it was worthwhile.

So, we are rebuilding the course from the ground up. It will include  more videos, so that you can get a clear demonstration of how the “processes” work. What this means is that  you can easily “Model” ( or copy ) them and get great results for your life too . There will be lots of audio too and the full transcript of the course plus a few bonuses we are working on too. ( these are just extras that we know will ensure that you really  “get it.”

That’s me for now, ( all the way from sunny Thailand )

Sawasdee Khap ( see you or goodbye for now in Thai )


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