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OOPs we goofed

September 12, 2007

in my last post I told you how I had posted a video and an audio that outlines our plans to bring advanced communication skills to everyone.

Well, it seems that we or more specifically “I ” goofed.

I assumed that George our webmaster was handling it and he assumed the same thing about me.

So what can we learn from this ? For us the big takeaway is thatĀ  when your communications and conflict resolution is sorted on a personal levelĀ  you often assume that they will be active within your business too. As you now know, that isn’t necessarily so.

It also turns out that the file is TOOOO big to host here so we are reworking things and will post here when it is up and where you can go and grab a copy.

It’s jam packed with information that will inspire and motivate you.

Hold tight….